Microprocessor ß-2017

What's that?

ß-2017 is our custom Microprocessor, based on the Zilog 80 model, it's made with logisim, you can reprogram its Control Unit using the ß-RomWriter or create your custom programs using the ß-Assembler.


Open Source
This project is 100% and open source, you can download the Mp, Assembler or RomWriter source code and compile your own version or simply download the procompiled versions.
Made with Logisim
ß2017 is made with Logisim to let you know what happens inside the microprocessor during the execution of all operations.
Z80 Compatible
ß2017 is developed on the Z80 model so it is compatible with the Z80's instructions set and Z80's programs.

4-Bit Version

And old version of the microprocessor, works with 4 Bit components, 16 instructions, 1 hex display output, 4 bit input unit.

8-Bit Version

A still-embrional versione of the Microprocessor, updated with 8 Bit components, 2 Hex display output, 255 instructions (like the Zilog 80!).

ß2017 Assembler 

With the ß2017 Assembler you can easly assemble you program for the Microprocessor, export it in logisim format, and try it!

How to assemble a ROM

1 - Load a configuration
The standard configuration is loaded from the configuration file on Github, but you can create your own one.
2 - Write your program
Write you program using the instructions in the configuration file, once done, click on the button "Compila".
3 - Export in Logisim
If there are no errors, you can press on the "Esporta" button, select the location and the filename, and load your ROM file into logisim.

ß2017 RomWriter

The RomWriter Allows you to write the internal CU of the ß2017, or every other MicroProgrammed CPU. Using it you can merge two existing ROMS, create new one, replace operations, and mutch more.